Explore Fez

The city of Fes is the spiritual capital of Morocco ; it is also one of the imperial cities of the country where a fusion of Arab, Muslim (and African) cultures and a strong world heritage is more than just the result of chance. It is indeed a city with nothing to envy the most ancient cities from around the world, with its narrow alley ways where goods and other commodities are transported on donkeys and mules.

A place where the hands of master craftsmen excel in the manufacture of kaftans, high quality multicolored carpets, pottery, leather, copper and silver (articles). In addition to this, you can find the great Al Quaraouyine, which once assured the education of the Ulema (religious scholars) and from which graduated some of the most learned Muslim theologians.


Fez Tour
Half Day – 3 hours – On foot
Fez Tour
Full Day – 5 hours – On foot – Transport included
Excursion outside Fez
2 people – Full Day – Transport included
Excursion outside Fez
4 people – Full Day – Transport included
Excursion outside Fez
8 people – Full Day – Transport included